Dear Future Guest,

We write to you from the balcony of our jungle home, here on-site at Las Palmas Maya to help you better understand recent news about Tulum, as well as our perspective on what we consider to be irresponsible reporting by the New York Times.

Most importantly, Las Palmas Maya remains completely unaffected by any land disputes and we are enjoying business as usual, with the fabulous new addition of our gourmet coffee shop, offering espresso, iced coffees, fruit juices, smoothies and healthy breakfasts(!).

Property disputes have been occurring in Tulum for over a decade and there have been a small handful of judgements over the years, passing property rights through individuals deep in litigation. It is also worth noting that there has never even been a dispute on the jungle side of the road, which is where we are located. We have maintained rights to this land for almost 15 years and it has never been disputed – there is no pending litigation and our doors remain open to business as usual.

We take issue with the misleading title and the fabricated ending – here’s the bottom line:

  1. "Armed men" is in the title of the article when in reality, the article refers to youths with sticks (technically armed but the title is intentionally misleading). The only people with guns (which is what most people think of when they hear "armed"), were the police, who were lawfully assisting with the eviction.
  2. The closing part of this story references a peaceful protest by mostly Mayan woman and children holding up signs (some of which begged international media for exposure – unfortunately, reports like this one may do more harm than good to the very families that were holding the signs) - there were certainly no "machetes clashing" or "gunfire" - this is complete nonsense and fabricated sensationalism.

The article is frustrating because there is no reason to frighten guests with the thought of violence when the reality is there is zero danger to the traveler. It is sensationalism and damaging to our town in an effort to gain more clicks, shame on the NY times.

Your reservation is secure with Las Palmas Maya - we hold your deposits in a US bank account and in the event of a catastrophic event, you would receive a full reimbursement for your deposit.

We hope this clears up recent news events (a link to the published story follows) and don't hesitate to reach out to us directly with any questions you may have.

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