The LPM Story

A Dream Meets the Magic of the Caribbean



Las Palmas Maya is the culmination of a dream that started many years ago on a trip to Costa Rica. My name is Cheryl, and my husband is Frank and we are the founders of Las Palmas Maya. We had reached a point in our lives where we realized that we are only here on this Earth for a short time and we should make the most of it.

We began doing our homework and researching where in the world we might live that could offer a less expensive lifestyle, yet still afforded the conveniences of home… a place that offered year-round sunshine, friendly natives, and business opportunities. On the short list was Central America and Mexico.


We made exploratory trips to several countries, but we kept returning to the Yucatan. That Caribbean ocean seemed to have a hold on us and the people of the Yucatan drew us in more and more with each visit. We bought a small palapa home in Paamul for quick get-aways, while we still worked at paying off bills, cars, and houses.

The real-estate market crumble stalled our plans for a couple of years but we kept our eye on the prize. The downsizing started as we held garage sales and give-aways. In March of 2010, after tearful goodbyes to family and friends, with the dog and cat in tow, we made the 3500 mile drive from Palm Harbor, Florida to our new full-time home in Paamul to begin the biggest adventure so far of our lives.

A couple of months of decompressing passed as we adapted to our new surroundings. Much to our surprise, even with our limited Spanish, we were able to get by in most situations and we are learning more and more every day. The warmth of the Mexican people cannot be overstated – with just a little effort at communication on our parts; we have been treated with nothing but kindness.


After about a year, we began to get restless. What would we do, now that we were here? After all, we were not ready to retire. Several ideas were considered, but we returned again and again to that dream that all started in Costa Rica at a lovey beachside bungalow hotelita. We told ourselves, “One day, this is what we will do.”

With eyes and ears kept open, in March of 2011 we happened to learn of a small place for sale in Tulum, simply called “Ray’s Place”. Although the property was in much need of some TLC, we struck the deal and thus Frank and I would fulfill a longstanding dream of owning our own hotelita. Las Palmas Maya was born!


We brought on our good friend Tom to run the operations and guest services. After careful consideration, he decided to take a leap of faith and join us on the incredible journey that has evolved into Las Palmas Maya.

He sold everything that he thought was important (well…most of it!), quit his job, put his puppies on an airplane and joined the Las Palmas Maya family! Since April 2011, He's been fortunate enough to spend his days enhancing this beautiful, salty piece of land and doing his part to make all of our guest’s vacations, the best they can possibly be. He fell in love with Tulum’s pristine beaches and the culture of its little beach community – He's confident that you will too. Whether you need a room, bicycle, advice on a restaurant, suggestions on local attractions or events – He's your guy. Stop by and say hello!